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Who Needs to Be on My Car Insurance Policy?

Car insurance is required in almost every state. But that doesn’t mean that everyone you need covered will be covered by your policy. You need to know who to add onto your policy.

Anyone with a License

The time has come for you to figure out your car insurance policy. You already know you’re covered, but who else needs to be on your policy, too?

If you live on your own, you might not need to include anyone else on your car insurance policy. But, if you expect anyone to drive your car, even if it’s just once in a while, you’re better off putting them on your policy than not.

There are different ways to include people in your car insurance policy. The people you add do not have to directly affect your insurance. 

Rated drivers are the people on your policy who will affect your insurance premium. At the very least, this includes you. Anyone living with you that has a license should also be included in this category. This includes people such as:

  • Spouse
  • Significant other
  • Children near driving age (if required by your insurer)
  • Roommates
  • Other family members who live with you

However, if they don’t drive your car regularly and shouldn’t affect your insurance premium, your insurance provider should still know about them. If they have their own car insurance policy, you can note household members in the “other insurance” category. Your insurer may require proof of their insurance.

Some carriers want every licensed driver in your home either listed or excluded from the policy, others extend coverage as long as that driver has his or her own car insurance policy. Listed individuals are simply noted on the policy, but they do not affect the premium.

Anyone in Your Household

But, what about for people in your household who cannot drive, don’t have their own insurance policy, or can’t drive yet? You can mark them as a listed or non-driver.

Once again, listed drivers do not affect the premium. This is especially helpful for teenagers who don’t have their license yet, need to be known by the insurer, but can’t affect premiums until they’re licensed.

Non-drivers, on the other hand, includes anyone in your household who doesn’t have a driver’s license, doesn’t plan to get one, and ever intends to drive. This may include individuals with an impairment that prevents them from driving, or, say, an elderly person who has turned in their driver’s license.

Non-Household Inclusions

There are a few cases of individuals you may want to include in your policy even though they don’t live with you. This may include children at college, nannies, or those in the military. Bottomline, everyone in your household should be noted on your policy, and sometimes those outside of your household as well, depending on the situation.

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