Does Car Insurance Cover Medical Bills?

Does Car Insurance Cover Medical Bills?

There are certain types of car insurance policies that cover medical bills. Medical payments coverage or MedPay is an insurance policy that covers medical expenses for injuries sustained by the policyholder or the passengers in the vehicle after a car accident. 

In a car accident, it might be difficult to determine who was at fault, but MedPay provides coverage for the policyholder and the passengers regardless of who was at fault and covers medical bills up to the policy limit. 

If you or your relatives covered under the policy get injured in a car accident, MedPay or medical expense coverage will cover your bills under certain circumstances. For example, if you or a family member sustains an injury from an accident while driving in your car, or if you are injured while as a passenger in a vehicle that is not yours, medical expense coverage will reimburse your medical bills. Medical expense coverage also pays for funeral expenses resulting from a fatal accident or medical expenses resulting from injuries you sustained as a pedestrian.

MedPay vs. Bodily Injury Coverage

Bodily injury coverage pays for the costs if the policyholder is responsible for causing an accident or injuries while driving a vehicle. It covers medical expenses, lost wages, funeral costs, legal fees, pain and suffering, and related claims made by the other party. It does not cover damages or injuries to the policyholder.

All states require drivers to purchase bodily injury coverage to cover liability costs if they cause an accident. Medical payments coverage covers the policyholder, their passengers, and their family regardless of the person at fault.

Personal Injury Protection

Personal injury protection also provides coverage regardless of who is at fault. It covers medical costs and lost wages due to an accident. This covers the policyholder and the passengers. In some states, this coverage is mandatory, while medical payments coverage is considered supplemental. In no-fault states, the drivers must purchase personal injury protection to cover themselves if they get involved in an accident.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

If you are injured by a driver that does not have insurance, uninsured motorist coverage will cover the damages, including medical bills. In some states, it is mandatory, while in others, it is optional. 

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