you can qualify for final expense life insurance even if you have a pre-existing medical condition

Why Should Seniors Consider Final Expense

Final expense insurance provides up to $50,000 in permanent lifetime coverage for your loved ones. Why consider it?

It Covers Vital Costs

When considering any insurance policy, you need to know what and how much it covers. With final expense, your beneficiaries receive the worth of your policy when you pass away, known as the death benefit. It will be issued to your chosen loved ones (beneficiaries), and they will use it the way you had intended.

The death benefit will vary based on a few factors. First, of course, is the amount of coverage you decide on—a $10,000 policy will cost less than a $30,000 policy, and so on. It is also determined by your health, the insurance company, and what they offer, as well as your age.

With all of this in mind, it is safe to say that a final expense policy will provide the funds your loved ones need to cover, as the name of the policy implies, final expenses. But what are they?

Almost all final expense policies are used to cover funeral arrangements. The average funeral with burial costs roughly $8,000. Without something to cover these costs, your loved ones may have a very difficult time affording the necessary costs. With final expense, you relieve this burden.

It can also cover anything you want. So, you can use it for estate taxes, credit card debts, and more—as long as it fits within your policy, you can plan it. Or, you can leave the death benefit for your beneficiaries to use for what they think it should be used towards, such as their own debts.

You Can Be Older

Knowing that life insurance helps cover costs should not be too surprising. What is more difficult, however, is actually obtaining the coverage. Maybe you waited too long, and now are too old to be eligible for a policy. Or, perhaps you could not afford it before, but you can now.

Whatever your case may be, it isn’t an issue with final expense—while other policies require you to be under 50 or 60 years old, final expense accepts individuals up to 85 years old or older.

You Don’t Have to Have Perfect Health

Similarly, most life insurance policies require a clean bill of health to qualify. So, regardless of age, if you have a health condition, you can’t get the coverage you need.

Not with final expense. There are two types of final expense policies—simplified issue and guaranteed issue. With simplified issue, all you have to do is answer a simple questionnaire about your health. You will qualify so long as long as you have no life-threatening conditions.

With guaranteed issue, you’ll have guaranteed approval.

It Gives You Financial Security and Peace of Mind

Above all, you can live comfortably knowing that you have the coverage you and your loved ones need. And, you can rest easy knowing that your final expenses are taken care of, not left to your loved ones to figure out and pay for.

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