How Much Does Auto Insurance Cost In Missouri?

The average cost for auto insurance in Missouri varies by source and insurer. Like other forms of insurance, it varies by policy and the company you obtain it from, as well as the perceived risks of insuring you. In general, however, the average annual cost for full coverage is roughly between $1,661 and $1,760. For minimum coverage, you can expect to pay between $468 and $537 in a given year.

What Factors Affect Premium Costs?

With car insurance, the insurers consider both information about you and the vehicle you’re driving. Certain individuals carry greater risk factors than others, and some vehicle models lend themselves to being a higher insurability risk.

As an individual, you’re going to pay premiums that are priced according to your age, gender, driving record, credit history, where you primarily park your vehicle, and how you use your vehicle. Policy size and coverage will also factor into pricing.

Car insurance gets progressively lower as you age, assuming you have a clean driving record. Rates are highest for teen drivers, and reach their lowest for drivers in their 60s.

When it comes to your vehicle, insurers look at the age, make, and model. Interestingly, companies charge higher rates for car models that are the most frequently stolen – among those being full-sized Ford pickups, Jeep Grand Cherokees, and Dodge Caravans.

How Can I Make My Rates Lower?

While some factors such as age and past driving experience are outside of your control, you do have some liberty in how you can make your monthly premiums more affordable. You can lessen your costs by purchasing lower coverage, enrolling in higher deductible plans, and having more than one policy.

If you opt for lower coverage to save on costs, there is a risk of having to pay substantial out-of-pocket costs if you get involved in an accident. While this is an option, it should be considered carefully.

Higher deductible plans can help because they lower your premiums in exchange for increasing initial out-of-pocket costs required before your policy begins covering.

Car insurance companies reward policyholders as incentive to stay with the company, and these rewards are often in the form of lowering costs because of having multiple policies with that company and maintaining a clean driving record.

Get The Best Coverage At The Lowest Cost

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