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The Benefits of Umbrella Insurance: Extra Liability Protection

Having insurance is vastly better than having no insurance at all, but for some, a standard policy may be insufficient when it comes to covering losses. The more assets you have to protect, the more you need umbrella insurance.

What Is Umbrella Insurance From Secure Insurance Group?

Umbrella insurance is a policy you can attach to your homeowners, watercraft, or auto insurance coverage. Its role is to give you coverage past the limits of your policy’s liability coverage (hence why umbrella insurance is also called extended liability coverage) once your insurance has paid up to its limits.

This coverage applies when someone files a lawsuit against you. Umbrella insurance does not cover your injuries or any damages for which you are not held liable.

You can’t have umbrella insurance without having a standard homeowners, watercraft, or auto policy. You’ll also have to have a certain amount of coverage for your main policy before you can add umbrella insurance. This exact amount will vary between policies.

Why Should I Get Umbrella Insurance From Secure Insurance Group?

Standard liability coverage can only go so far. Legal fees from lawsuits can extend far beyond what general liability covers, and once your debts cross a certain threshold, it can feel as though you’ve lost everything. With umbrella insurance, a lawsuit won’t come at the expense of your standard of living.

Umbrella insurance is a must  – especially if you:

  • Own a large amount of assets
  • Have potentially dangerous items on your property (e.g. a swimming pool, trampoline, etc.)
  • Participate in activities where you could hurt another person, like hunting, skiing, or contact sports
  • Coach children’s sports
  • Operate a small business

There are individuals who constantly seek out opportunities to file lawsuits for quick financial gains. If you’re a prominent person in the community, you’ll be a target since the person filing a lawsuit stands to gain more from it. Likewise, being in a position where you have a higher chance of causing accidental harm gives the other person a reason to sue you if something goes wrong.

When you get this policy through Secure Insurance Group, you’re getting the most extensive coverage on the market – no matter who you are or what assets you have.

What Are The Benefits Of Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is worth adding because:

  • Umbrella insurance makes your main policy worthwhile again. Your homeowners, auto, or other liability coverage will be what you need it to be
  • Peace of mind in knowing you’ll have adequate coverage
  • You won’t have to worry about losing your hard-earned assets over a lawsuit

This restores an element of fairness as well. You can go about your life with the utmost caution and still find yourself in a legal battle. Your dog may bite someone. A guest (or stranger) may get injured from slipping and falling on your property. In an extreme case, someone may try to jump in front of your vehicle before you have time to react. A financial loss in any of these situations would be an injustice to you.

In short, umbrella insurance spares you from dealing with immense stress and it helps you keep your money in your pocket under unjust circumstances.

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