Navigating the World of Business Insurance: Essential Coverage Options

As a business owner, purchasing business insurance coverage is protecting yourself against unpredictable events that could jeopardize your business. Just as you rely on your business, your employees rely on you and your ability to keep your company afloat. There are several great business insurance options available, and all of them have distinct advantages that make them a must-have.

Business Insurance From Secure Insurance Group

Secure Insurance Group brings you affordable business insurance coverage that suits your needs as a business owner. From legal fees to replacing lost income, we’re here to help you keep your business afloat.

How Secure Insurance Group Helps Your Business

When you get business insurance through Secure Insurance Group, you’re ensuring your business stays running through the toughest of times. If your building gets damaged, we’ll help you repair it. If you’re in a legal battle, we’ll help cover attorney and settlement fees. If you have a vehicle that you use every day for your business purposes, we’ll get that insured, too.

General Liability

This is for when someone who isn’t employed by your company files a lawsuit. If a customer were to get injured on your property, your general liability coverage would help cover legal costs and medical expenses.

Professional Liability

A disgruntled customer may come along and file legal action against you because of alleged negligence or malpractice. Without professional liability insurance, all of the ensuing legal expenses will come out of your pocket, even if you did nothing wrong. Professional liability insurance helps cover the court and settlement fees, and lifts the financial burden off of your shoulders.

Commercial Property

Damage to your business property can be expensive to repair. If you have commercial property insurance, any repair or replacement costs related to the damage to your building will be covered for you.

Commercial Auto

If you frequently use your vehicle for work-related purposes, it’s a good idea to get your vehicle insured, too. This will help cover the costs for any damages to your vehicle or any liability claims that may stem from an accident involving it. Commercial vehicles require commercial auto insurance instead of standard auto insurance due to their frequency of use.

Business Income

If your business is experiencing loss of income due to slowing down or an inability to operate due to property damage, business income insurance can help replace lost revenue.

Workers’ Compensation

If an employee becomes injured on the job, workers’ compensation will help cover your injured employee’s medical bills and lost wages as he or she recovers from the workplace injury.

Business Interruption

If a natural disaster or other catastrophic temporarily forces your business to close, business interruption insurance can help replace lost income, as well as covering the cost of operation and providing funds for the business to operate in a temporary location.

Employment Practices Liability

In the event that you’re accused of having unethical or unfair hiring practices, employment practices liability will help cover legal fees and settlement costs on your behalf. This protects you from having to pay all legal expenses on your own.

Business Owner Policy

This is a policy geared toward those who own smaller businesses. A business owner policy conveniently bundles liability, business interruption, and commercial property insurance into one product. 

Protect Your Business Today

At Secure Insurance Group, you’ll be able to maintain your ability to earn a living without having unforeseen interruptions jeopardize the future of your business. We will offer you coverage that protects you, your property, your employees, and your bank account at the most affordable price. Call us today at 1-877-871-7328.