Seniors traveling medicare coverage

Medicare Coverage During Travel: What You Should Know

Many Americans love to spend their retirement traveling throughout the country and across the globe. Yet, it is never a good idea to travel without carrying adequate health insurance. If something happens, you could be subject to massive medical bills that you thought were covered by your Medicare policy.

Does Medicare Cover Traveling Health Expenses?

Yes and no. Really, it comes down to where you travel to. If you travel to a location within the United States, your Medicare coverage should provide full coverage for any covered treatments. While traveling on a ship within the territorial waters adjoining land areas of the U.S., you would also be covered. Though, someone who is more than 6 hours away from a U.S. port would not be covered by Medicare. 

Rare Cases Where Medicare Covers Care While Abroad

There are a few instances where Medicare will cover international healthcare services. They include:

  • A medical emergency occurs in the U.S., but a foreign hospital is the closest party that can provide adequate treatment. 
  • You are traveling through Canada between Alaska and another U.S. state when a medical emergency arises, but a Canadian hospital is the only option for emergency treatment. 
  • You live in the U.S., but a foreign hospital is the closest option for routine medical care. 

There are some people who do find themselves in these situations, so it helps to be aware of them if you ever do find yourself in a travel emergency where one of these circumstances apply. 

How Much Do Travel Emergencies Cost Medicare Enrollees?

A Medicare enrollee will typically pay 100% of any costs associated with a foreign travel emergency. Though, you can purchase a Medigap plan to receive partial coverage for foreign travel emergency medical costs. If you find yourself in one of the situations described in the previous section, you pay the same costs you would if you went to a local hospital or provider. 

Get Travel Emergency Coverage

If you are a Medicare enrollee who travels frequently, it could be greatly beneficial to invest in a Medigap policy that offers coverage for travel emergencies. You can find one by contacting Secure Insurance Group today. Our number is 1-877-871-7328.