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How Can I File a Car Insurance Claim?

When you’re in an accident, your mind is focused on a lot of things besides insurance. But filing a claim the right way can save you a lot of headaches. To get you ready in case something were to happen, here’s tips to file a car insurance claim.

Handle the Scene of the Accident

Before the claims process can officially begin, you need to handle the accident itself. Make sure to keep important documents in your car in case of emergency, things like your vehicle registration, insurance, etc.

Once you’ve ensured that everyone is okay and the situation is under control, assess the damage of the vehicles involved, specifically your vehicles. If possible, take pictures of damage and of the scene as a whole, and note seemingly unimportant things like the weather, time of day, and location. Then, make sure to get as much contact information from those involved as you can.

Make sure to file an incident report, even if the police don’t come to the scene. Having an official report can help in case the other driver decides to sue for damages or medical injuries, and you’ll need proof of the accident when you file the claim.

Get Your Proof

Your insurance company will require a “proof of claim” form and a copy of the police report. Fill out the claim forms carefully and keep careful records of the information needed for your claim. This includes the names and phone numbers others involved, and even those you speak with at your insurer. Keep copies of any bills related to the accident in case they can be covered by your policy.

Let Your Insurance Know ASAP

As soon as you’re able to, call your car insurance provider, even while you’re still on the scene of the accident. This will make sure your memory is as fresh as possible when describing the scene. 

You can more than likely submit and fill out important forms online or even in the company’s mobile app, then follow the progress as your claim is assessed. This will include all of the proof you gathered earlier, like the police report and related bills.

File On Time

Once everything is lined up, you need to make sure you see the process through before the window of time to file closes—missing a deadline may mean you can’t make a claim.

The timeline for insurance providers will vary. Get an idea of your specific timeline by speaking to a representative and asking—is there a time limit for filing claims, submitting bills, resolving claims disputes, or submitting additional information?

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