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Are you vested on renewals from the very first piece of business?

This means if you have separation from a carrier due to death, resignation, termination, or retirement, you or the beneficiary you selected will continue to receive your renewals for a period of time on policies you sold that remain in force. If in your current situation, your renewals are not vested, the company keeps your renewals immediately upon your departure (death, resignation, termination, retirement). Typically, career/captive carriers do not have vested renewals.

Are your commissions paid directly to you or your corporation? Or are they paid to the agency you are contracted through?

One of the biggest mistakes agents make is being paid by the agency they are contracted through instead of directly by the carriers. When you are being paid by an agency and not the carriers, the agency is the one vested on your renewals, not you. You want to be the one to have vested renewals on the business you write. Plus, having your commissions paid to your corporation, your corporation becomes an asset that you have full control of. A corporation never dies, therefore you can sell or transfer your business to whomever you choose at any time or hire someone to run your business for you. You own the business, you make all of the decisions.

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