CE Training

We have two vendors that you can use for CE training.


With EasyCE you will receive a 15% discount.


WebCE also offers Continuing Education courses.

Fact Finder

FactFinders are a great way to learn more about your client: what they currently have, what they are in need of. Learning your client’s needs can lead to cross-selling! Here are a variety of Fact Finders that you can use for your clients.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Anti-Money Laundering is a training or course that is required by carriers in order to sell their products. Some carriers will have their own course you can take, but there is no guarantee you can use that certificate with another carrier.

Most carriers accept AML training done through LIMRA. If you’ve never used LIMRA, we can get you signed up for free. If you have taken AML through LIMRA, you can find the instructions to log onto LIMRA for the first time HERE.

Errors and Omissions (E&O)

Errors and Omissions Insurance is necessary in this industry. This professional liability insurance protects you from claims of negligence or failing to perform your professional duties. Most carriers will require you to have your E&O in order to get appointed to sell their products. There’s a total of 8 with SIG that do not require E&O, but these are not the most competitive. By purchasing E&O, not only are you coverage for liability, but your world of carriers is opened up to the most competitive available. Below is the company we direct agents to purchase E&O. You can get this coverage from whatever carrier you would like, this is just one:

Customer Relationship Management

CRM is a Customer Relationship Management System or Client Management System, we’re sure you’ve heard of one, if not already use one. RadiusBob can be used to work leads, manage clients, track commissions, drip market, email market, and more! With this CRM, you will have no need for separate programs like Excel, Outlook, etc, to manage your business. Most CRM programs will run between $50-$150, depending on what features you want included in your package. RadiusBob is available for $19 (with no contract).

Order Business Cards

There are two templates you can choose from for the front and back of your business cards:

Front Options:

Option A

Option B

Back Options:

Option A

Option B

Secure Business Cards
Insurance Agent, Insurance Adviser, etc

Medicare Supplement Carriers W/ Gym Memberships

Medicare Supplement

(Carriers with Gym Memberships)


AARP (UHC) – Renew Active


Aetna – Global & Fit

Anytime Fitness only ($35 mo.)


Anthem – Silver Sneakers


Humana – Silver Sneakers


Pekin – Silver & Fit

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